Best Antenatal Package in Dubai

Our Exclusive Antenatal Package:

Welcome to Lifeline Healthcare, the premier provider of antenatal care services. We offer the best antenatal package in Dubai, providing comprehensive care for both expectant mothers and their babies. Furthermore, our skilled team of healthcare professionals is committed to offering the best care possible to pregnant mothers, assuring the finest experience for everyone. This is a special pregnancy package in Dubai that includes not only routine antenatal check-ups with our highly skilled Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist but also ultrasound scans, body composition measures, and blood tests.

Lifeline Clinic, Karama is certainly the best choice for antenatal care for expectant mothers and their babies.

Best Antenatal Package in Dubai

Consultation with Obstetrician:

Our antenatal package includes a comprehensive evaluation by our Specialist Obstetrician as well as the following:

Initial Visit at 8 Weeks
Medical History Review
Physical Examination & Counseling
Vital Signs Check
Additional 8 visits (Inclusive of Screening Ultrasound)

Ultrasound Scans:

Your doctor can monitor the baby’s development and health via ultrasound. Moreover, pregnancy ultrasounds can be particularly memorable because it’s your first glimpse of the baby. The ultrasound scan sessions include:

NT/NB Scan @ 10 to 13 weeks
Anomaly Scan @ 18 to 22 weeks
Growth Scan @ 30 to 32 weeks

Body Composition Measures:

Subsequently, we have body composition measures. Throughout pregnancy, the bodily composition of the mother changes. Body composition measurements are therefore crucial for ensuring the proper development of the foetus. Hence, this procedure can help in detecting the changes in maternal body composition and foetal growth.

Height and Weight
BMI (Body Mass Index)

Blood Tests:

Finally, we have blood tests. The great benefit of getting blood tests is that they may help you in making decisions about your own and your baby’s care, both prior to and after birth.

CBC + Urine Analysis (Initial visits 24 weeks, 30 to 32 weeks)
TSH, Blood Group (Rh)
Rubella IGG Antibody Test
Infection Screening (HIV, HBsAg, VDRL, GTT)
Blood Glucose (Initial visits 24 weeks, 30 to 32 weeks)
Vaginal Culture Sensitivity

Please Note:

Full amount to be paid initially. (Non-refundable)
Consultations not included in the package will be billed separately.
The package does not include additional blood tests, scans, medications & screening for genetic disorders.
This is an Antenatal Care Package that does not include a Delivery fee.

Our exclusive antenatal or pregnancy package in Dubai is specially tailored in order to suit the needs of both an expectant mother and her child.

For more information or questions about the package, please contact us at 043343263 / 0585526369. We are surely available to provide you with compassionate care.

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