Best Psychiatrist in Karama, Dubai

The Psychiatry Service at Lifeline Modern Family Clinics provides a variety of clinical services, including both psychological and medical treatments for a wide range of psychiatric disorders.

According to latest report by WHO, it is estimated that globally 5.0 % of adults suffer from depression. Mood swings associated with feeling sad, irritable, feeling empty or losing interest in activities need to be addressed as early as possible. Right therapy, Counselling and medications will help the person to come out of these issues and lead a normal healthy life.

Lifeline Modern Family Clinic has the best psychiatry department that offers top-notch clinical services accompanied with personalized care and therapy that helps client’s deal with mental issues and disorders. With proven track record and years of expertise in the field, our psychiatrist identifies and manages client’s issues and provides them with the right treatments and medications. 

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Our psychiatrist treats all majors behavioral and mental issues like Anxiety Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Personality Disorders Chronic Stress or Anxiety, Insomnia & Sleep Disorders, Major Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Behavioral changes brought on by a hormonal imbalance, Relationship Issues, Anger Management Issues, Addiction Issues & Addictive Disorders, Childhood-onset Disorders and all other related problems.

Our Doctors

People always have lot of apprehensions on seeing a psychiatrist. Consultation with a psychiatrist is always frowned upon. Hardly anyone know how the therapy works, how is the session planned and how to share your worries with a total stranger. However, all your problems will have a perfect solution when you see a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is same as any other medical consultations.

The psychiatrist will enquire about your problems, explain the process of the treatment and help you accomplish your desired result.

The Doctor – Patient Bond

Our primary goal is to create a good rapport between the doctor and the clients. We will ensure that our client is at ease and is in a position to talk to the therapist without any hesitation. Our team will help them regain their confidence and bring them back to their normal life. It’s very important that the client opens up about his problems and concerns to the psychiatrist. Proper and transparent communication helps the psychiatrist to plan sessions and provide therapies for the client. The treatment plan for each client is charted according to the progress and the response of the client to each therapy and medications.

Benefits of seeing a psychiatrist

  • You will enhance your personal and professional life
  • You will be confident and will gain courage to fight your fears
  • You will acquire proper behavioral-management skills
  • You will try handling difficult situations with ease

We are very particular about the confidentiality of our clients. Discussions with your psychiatrist will be highly confidential. Without the consent of the client no particular details will be shared to any other entity.