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Welcome to the Pediatrics Department. Our department at Lifeline Clinic in Karama is especially dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children. The early and formative years of a child are critical because they can impact their future growth and development. We offer an extensive range of treatment as well as services for children. In addition, we use cutting-edge technology, modern medical & treatment facilities, exceptional care & services, as well as medical advice and assistance to parents/caretakers on healthier lives for their children. Lifeline Clinic in Karama has the best pediatrician or pediatric doctor in Dubai and is certainly a good choice for parents seeking the finest care for their children.

Our Services

Our pediatrician has extensive experience in child health and well-being and offers a variety of care and services for your children. We have the best pediatrician in Dubai who is capable of providing comprehensive care not only in terms of physical but also mental, and emotional health of children. Our services are, for instance:

Behavioral Assessment
Vaccination or Immunization
Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment
Nutritional Counseling & Advice
Development and Growth Monitoring
Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic and Acute Diseases
Counseling for Mothers on Breastfeeding
Childhood Obesity Management
Diet Counselling for Children
Screening for Autism and Developmental Issues
Management of Childhood Allergies & Asthma
Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases
Vision and Hearing Tests
pediatrician in karama

Our Expertise

Above all, the pediatric department at Lifeline clinic in Dubai has the best doctor possessing high skills and qualifications. Furthermore, our pediatrician provides optimal care for the children. This includes not only primary and preventive care but also general health management, and therapy for acute and chronic pediatric conditions. In fact, we have a wide range of expertise. Here is an e.g. of a few of them.

Evaluation and management of:

Vitamin Deficiencies
Infectious Diseases
Respiratory Problems
Gastrointestinal Issues
Dermatological Conditions
New-Born and Toddler
Endocrine Disorders & Others

Contact Us

You can reach us @ 043343263 or 0585526369 for further information or appointments. We have one of the good or in fact top pediatrician in Dubai for the best diagnosis and treatment of children. Lifeline Clinic, Karama always strives to provide the maximum care possible. Visit us & experience quality care of the highest caliber.


Our Doctors

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Dr. Ashla Thomas