Dr. Vinita Shrivastava

General Practitioner


MBBS, Master’s in Applied Psychology – ABA (USA), MSc in Prenatal Diagnosis & Genetics (London), Diploma in Child Health (Ireland)

After completing her graduation, Dr. Vinita Shrivastava went on to get a Diploma in Child Health from Ireland. She has acquired a Master’s in Applied Psychology (Applied Behavior Analysis) from Rider University, New Jersey, USA. Plus, a Master’s in Prenatal Diagnosis & Genetics from London, United Kingdom.

Dr. Vinita has an exceptional combination of being trained as both a Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician and a Behavioral Interventionist. She has a special interest in Neurodevelopmental Disorders such as Autism and ADHD.

During her professional and academic tenure, she worked in UK, USA and UAE. She amassed a wealth of experience by working and training in several world-renowned institutions such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, John Radcliff Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

She has excellent communication skills and adopts a sensitive approach to unique cultural practices. She is a strong advocate of evidence-based medicine and creates tailor-made strategies to support children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. She understands and encourages the inclusion of parental care throughout the process of assessment and intervention.

Dr. Vinita recognizes the complexity of the challenges posed by autism and provides comprehensive services using the most up-to-date and validated diagnostic tools for in-depth assessments. She deploys applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to systematically improve social communication and learning skills as well as parent training.


Autistic Spectrum Disorders
ADHD/ADD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder)
Behavioral and Neuro-developmental Disorders
Learning Disorders
Genetic and Syndromic Conditions
Sleeping and Feeding Disorders
Maladaptive Behaviors (Temper Tantrums)
Bed Wetting and Soiling

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